【Fall Semester AY2020】Course Registration for G30 International Program Students

International Programs Students can register for the Liberal Arts and Sciences courses during the designated periods via Nagoya University Portal (
*The procedure for students enrolled in AY2020 is different from others. Please pay special attention to the “Course Registration Procedures“.

Course Registration Periods:
For students enrolled in AY2020:
 After you’ve received your NU ID – September 28 (Mon) 18:30, 2020
・For first year students as of September:
 September 14 (Mon) 9:00 – September 24 (Thu) 13:00, 2020
・For second year students and above as of September:
 September14 (Mon) 14:00 – September 24 (Thu) 18:00, 2020

Refer to the following materials for registration:
Timetable A
Timetable B
→ The courses highlighted in yellow are possible in-person classes.
Introduction to Civil Engineering and Architecture is not offered this semester. Please do not register even though you can see the class code on Registration System.
Syllabus Term G-I
Syllabus Term G-Ⅲ
Course Registration Procedures [Enrolled in 2020]
Course Registration Procedures [Enrolled in/before 2019]

※For International Programs Students Enrolled in 2020
In Wednesday 2nd period, two classes of “First Year Seminar A” are held for those in School of Humanities, Law, Economics, and three classes for those in School of Science, Engineering, and Agricultural Sciences.
Please refer to each syllabus and choose the one you would like to take.
Fill out “First Year Seminar Preference Sheet” on this web page and submit it to the ILAS Office via email (kyoikuin[at] by September 28 (Mon) 17:00.
Regarding the email account, please be advised to replace [at] with @.

First Year Seminar Preference Sheet(Hu,La,Ec)
First Year Seminar Preference Sheet (Sc,En,Ag)

Each class has an enrollment limit, so you may not be able to take your preferred class. Classes will be determined randomly considering your preferences and the result of the application will be posted on the NU portal, ILAS tab on Friday, October 2. Please check the result and make sure to do registration via the website by October 15 (Thu) 18:30. Once the class is assigned, it cannot be changed.

– Course Registration Guide –
Course Registration Guide
[NOTE]There was incorrect information in the above “Course Registration Guide”. Please refer to Correct Information.

※Instructors’ contact information is posted on the NU portal, ILAS tab.

Updated on October 29.