2021年度春学期成績評価に関するお問合せ/Regarding the Grade Inquiry for Spring semester AY2021





NUCTにログインし、「メンバーシップ」内「参加可能な講義サイト」から,講義サイト「2021年度春学期全学教育科目成績評価照会 / Inquiry about Assessment in Spring Semester AY2021)」の「参加」ボタンをクリックする。

② 「参加中の講義サイト」内の上記講義サイト名をクリックする。

③ 「小テスト」を選択し、「テストを受験」にある「2021年度春学期全学教育科目成績評価照会」を選択し、テストを開始する。



If you have any doubts about the grade evaluation, please submit the results within 3 days (including the date of announcement) from the date when the grade is announced.

【Application Period】 August 25 (Wed)- August27 (Fri)

Please note that this case does not offer to correct the grade evaluation. Also it is not an inquiry to check the score.

Before making inquiries, be sure to thoroughly check your own attendance, assignment report submission, exams, the course evaluation methods etc. on syllabus.

① Login NUCT, click “Membership” on the left tab and click “Joinable Sites”, and then click “Join” on 「2021年度春学期全学教育科目成績評価照会 / Inquiry about Assessment in Spring Semester AY2021」.

② Click 「2021年度春学期全学教育科目成績評価照会 / Inquiry about Assessment in Spring Semester AY2021」on My Current Sites.

③ Go to “Tests & Quizzes” and click 「Inquiry about Assessment in Spring Semester AY2021」from “Take an Assessment” and start assessment.

④ Click “Submit for Grading” when you finish answering.
 ※Your finished task will be appeared on “Submitted Assessments”

⑤ The response from the faculty member in charge of the inquiry will be sent from the “Message” on NUCT. When receiving it, please confirm the contents and send the confirmation message from the “Message” on NUCT promptly.