【緊急・重要】東山キャンパスで実施する全学教育科目の対面授業中止について(11/13~11/16)Cancellation of face-to-face lessons of Liberal Arts and Sciences course on Higashiyama campus (November 11 – November 16)

English follows Japanese.



  • 東山キャンパスで実施する全学教育科目のすべての講義科目、実験、実習、演習はICTによる遠隔授業とします。対面授業は行いません。
  • 対面授業を行う予定だった授業の代替については、NUCTの各授業ページにて確認してください。
  • 学部学生の東山キャンパスへの登校を禁止します。
  • 全学教育棟のアクセスポイントを閉鎖します。
  • 教養教育院事務室の対面窓口を閉鎖します。事務職員は出勤せずテレワークになりますので、連絡、相談はメール(又はZoom窓口にてお願いします。


To prevent spread of novel coronavirus and prioritize the health and safety of the students and faculty members, from November 13 (Fri) to 16 (Mon), in “Guidelines for Activities at Nagoya University During the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic”, “1.Educational Activities (lectures / seminars and experiments / practical training)” level is now “5 (Highest alert level) “.

Therefore regarding Liberal Arts and Sciences courses, following measures will be applied from November 13 (Fri) to November 16 (Mon).

  • All lectures, seminars, experiments and practical training that are conducted on the Higashiyama Campus will be ICT-based remote classes only. No face-to-face lessons will be conducted.
     ※Except for courses on Tsurumai and Daiko Campus.
  • Please make sure to check each NUCT course site for details, if you originally had the face-to-face lessons.
  • Undergraduate students are prohibited from coming to the Higashiyama campus.
  • Access points will be closed on Liberal Arts and Sciences Main Building.
  • ILAS Office will be closed. Administrative staff will be working from home, please contact us via email(

For the response after November 17 (Tue), please make sure to check ILAS website on November 16 (Mon).