FAQ – Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses

About Registration

If your School is indicated in “School (Program)” column of Class Timetable (Table B), it is specified courses. Otherwise, it is non-specified courses.
If you need it for Course Registration and if you lose Guidance Materials, please consult with Student Affairs Section of each School.
W-5 warning is displayed when you register a course which will not be recognized for graduation credits. When you find same error even if you register a course which will be recognized for graduation credits, please consult with Student Affairs Section of each School.
Once your registration completed, you can’t change that course.

About Classes

Please refer to Class Timetable. “Spring Semester AY2020 Liberal Arts and Sciences Class Timetable” Please refer to this Map for places of lecture rooms.

First please check the syllabus of your course to see if the course withdrawal system is adopted. If it is adopted, please take Withdrawal Request From at ILAS Office.
Regarding attendance of each courses, it depends on each instructors. Therefore, submitting documents to ILAS office is not required. However, if you are absent due to sickness or unavoidable circumstances from "Health and Sports Science", please submit report of absence form within a week. You can get report of absence form from your instructor, the Research Center of Health, Physical Fitness and Sports Administration Office, New Gymnasius Manager Office and Gymnasium 1 Manager Office.

About Credits / Grades

The information will be posted on NU Portal → Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS) → ILAS News ≪Application period for AY2020 (Tentative Schedule)≫ Spring Semester: April 20 (Mon) – April 24 (Fri) Fall Semester: October 19 (Mon) – October 23 (Fri)
Please submit to the appropriate office along with your Student ID within 3 days, in principle, of the announcement of the grade (inquiries about Liberal Arts and Sciences grades to the Office of the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and grades for Courses in Specialized Fields to the Student Affairs office of each School). Grade Inquiry Sheet is available at: NU Portal → Student Affairs → Course registration and grading(Schedule etc)→ Educational Affairs (For Students) → [For Students] About Grade Inquiry. (Download of Grade Inquiry Sheet)