【授業担当教員向け】ICTを使った遠隔授業の注意事項について/ Important Points Regarding Remote Classes Using ICT

秋学期においても、多くの授業がICT を使った遠隔授業で実施いただいております。ICTを使った遠隔授業の実施に際し、下記について本部から通知がありましたのでご案内します。

1.【授業担当教員⽤】ICT を使った遠隔授業(同時双⽅向型)の録画配信における注意点

In the fall semester, many courses continue to be offered as remote classes using ICT. We request your cooperation in observing notices below when conducting remote classes using ICT.
Furthermore, information regarding notice 2 below will be provided to students through our website.

  1. (For Instructors) Important Points Regarding Recording and Publishing Remote Classes (Interactive Communication Classes) Using ICT
  2. (For Students) Rules to be Observed When Taking Online Classes (Remote Classes)