ILAS Study and Remote Learning Spaces (Access Points)

We are going to provide the NU students with Remote Learning Spaces (Access Points: AP) here at the Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences (ILAS) Building. Available spaces are different from day to day. Please note that the designated ones are subject to changes.

Designated Study and Remote Learning Spaces (Access Points)

======= For General Classes =======

SpacesOpening HoursPC/ Wi-Fi AvailabilityEatingPower Outlet Availability
Sub Lab A8:30-16:15
Until 4th period
PC Equipped
(Without Headsets)*
Hattori International Scholarship Foundation Hall8:30-18:00Only Wi-Fi
2nd and 3rd periods only
Only Wi-Fi
C238:30-18:00Only Wi-Fi
C338:30-18:00Only Wi-Fi×
C348:30-18:00Only Wi-Fi×
S208:30-18:00Only Wi-Fi×
S218:30-18:00Only Wi-Fi×
S308:30-18:00Only Wi-Fi×
* Headsets are NOT available. If you need one for attending your class, please come forward to the ILAS Office.

======= Language Classes Only =======

SpacesOpening HoursPC/ Wi-Fi AvailabilityEatingPower Outlet Availability
CALL 1-3 8:30-18:00PC Equipped
(With Headsets)
S1X8:30-18:00Only Wi-Fi
Afternoon only
Only Wi-Fi×
NOT available during 4th period
Only Wi-Fi
NOT available during 1st & 3rd periods
Only Wi-Fi
S108:30-18:00Only Wi-Fi×
S118:30-18:00Only Wi-Fi×

[Where is the AP?]
Please look at the Building Map.

[Regular Opening Hours]
8.30-18:00 on weekdays

[How to use the Spaces]
Please come to the Spaces directly.
You do not have make a reservation in advance.

[Other rules and etiquette to follow]
– Please disinfect your hands using disinfectant solution provided at the AP,
– wear a mask (in principle) and
– keep a record of where you have a seat in the classroom.

[Contact Information]
ILAS Office E-mail:kyoikuin[at]
(Please be advised to replace [at] with @.)