In the Case of Failing “Course Registration”

For courses registered from “Course Registration” by 13:00 on Monday, April 19th, after processing by the faculty member for “Approval/Disapproval of additional course applications”, Friday, May 7th 9:00, you can check it from “Confirmation of Registered Course”.

If you fail to do “Course Registration”, please apply by the following procedure by 17:00 on Tuesday, May 11.
However, the contents below do not apply for new registration.
(When applying, supporting materials such as email or courses are already registered on NUCT etc are required.)

①Login to NUCT, click “Membership” on the left tab and click “Joinable Sites”, and then click “Join” of the lecture site “2021年度春学期全学教育科目履修科目の修正について / About Registration Change (For Liberal Arts and Sciences 2021 Spring”.

②Click the above lecture site name in “My Current Sites”

③Select “Tests & Quizzes” and select “履修科⽬修正願 / Request for Registration Revision” in “Take an Assesment” to start the test.

④After answering, click “Submit for Grading”.
 ※If the submission has been completed, it will be reflected in the “Submitted Assesments” in the “Tests & Quizzes”.

If there is no problem with the submitted content, it will be reflected in the “Confirmation of Registered Course” after 9:00 on Thursday, May 20.