International Programs (G30)

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International Programs Students can register for the Liberal Arts and Sciences courses during the designated periods via Nagoya University Portal (

Course Registration Periods

Course Registration Periods are as below:
March 18 (Wed) 9:00 – March 27 (Fri) 18:00, 2020
April 2 (Thu) 9:00 – April 9 (Thu) 18:00, 2020


Please refer to the document below for details:

Timetable A
Timetable B


Syllabus Term G-II
Syllabus Term G-IV

Course Registration Procedures

Course Registration Procedures                   
※Instructors’ contact information is posted on the NU portal, ILAS tab.
Registration Confirmation (1st) and Additional Course Application   
Since all the courses will be conducted online, if you want to register for the courses additionally during the Registration Revision period, please first contact the instructor in charge by email.

Course Information ↼Examination information has been updated 

     Laboratory in Chemistry

     Culture and Representation

Information about final exams will be uploaded to this website later. Depending on the course and the instructor, credits may be awarded at the conclusion of Spring semester or later should students be required to sit a final exam on campus. If you require ILAS course credit for graduation, or as a prerequisite for other courses in your program, please contact the instructor as soon as possible to confirm course requirements.