Mei Writing Zoom Workshop: Innovative Research Methods and Distribution

名古屋大学ライティングセンターがズームによる オンラインワークショップを12月10日(金)に開催しますのでご案内です。ご興味のある方はどなたでもご参加可能です。

This workshop consists of two talks focusing on innovative research methods and distribution.

First, Professor Noah Viernes from Akita International University will discuss documentary film as a medium of research by referencing the work of Taiwanese director Apichapong Weerasethakul.

Second, Professor Chad Nilep from Nagoya University will overview publication opportunities for graduate students, including pre-print outlets, reviews, and student-run journals.

Through the talks and subsequent discussion, attendees will learn new possibilities for conducting and publishing their research.

Date and time: Friday, December 10, 16:30-17:30
Everyone is welcome!
Language: English