著作物の適切な管理等について(注意喚起) Advisory on the Proper Handling of Copyrighted Materials

名古屋大学学生 各位
To All Nagoya University Students



Students attending remote classes (classes posted on NUCT, classes broadcast over the internet via Zoom, Vidyo or the like) at Nagoya University that utilize Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) shall comply with the following policy.

Failure to do so shall be viewed as an act of misconduct. Additionally, violations of the Copyright Act may be subject to legal action including criminal penalties.

  • 講義のミーティングURL、ミーテングIDを同じ講義を受講していない人に教えないこと。そのような人を担当教員の許可なく講義に参加させないこと。
  • Do not provide the meeting URL and/or meeting ID for a lecture to persons not enrolled in that lecture. Such persons should not be provided access to said lecture without the express permission of the instructor.
  • 講義を、担当教員の許可なく、録音・録画、スクリーンキャプチャ、データ化しないこと。
  • Lectures shall not be audio-recorded, filmed, screen-captured, and/or converted to data without the express permission of the instructor.
  • ダウンロードにより入手した講義資料・映像を、担当教員の許可なく他人と共有したり、インターネット上に公表したりしないこと。
  • Course materials/videos acquired via download shall not be shared with others and/or published on the internet without the express permission of the instructor.
  • 演習の報告担当者等として、①他人の著作物のコピーをNUCT等にアップする場合は、授業での利用のために必要な限度に限り、かつ、著作権者の利益を不当に害することのないようにし(例えば、書籍中の大量のページをコピーしない)、②他人の著作物の一部を報告資料等に引用するときは、適切な引用の方式(範囲の限定、出所の明示等)にしたがうなど、十分留意すること。
  • As a person in charge of reporting on seminars: 1) when uploading copies of another person’s copyrighted work to NUCT, etc., only use what is required for class use and ensure that said author’s interests are not unfairly impaired (for example, do not copy one publication extensively) and 2) when citing a portion of another person’s copyrighted work in a briefing, etc., follow the appropriate citation methods (limitation of scope, source citation, etc.).

※NUCT(Nagoya University Collaboration and course Tools)は、インターネット上で授業運営(授業の連絡、教材の閲覧、課題の指示、レポート提出等)を行う教育学習支援システム。
*NUCT, which is an acronym for “Nagoya University Collaboration and course Tools”, is an instructional learning support system used to manage classes over the internet (class communications, referencing of class materials, posting assignments, report submissions, etc.)

*Reference material: “Study with Academic Integrity (Center for the Studies of Higher Education [CSHE])

Provides the rules, manners, and examples of misconduct in the pursuit of academics.